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Hall Monitor at Meadow Lakes

The rules were many and every resident at Meadow Lakes Retirement Community knew

they were important during this horrendous and tragic pandemic. The upside: everyone

was as safe as possible. The downside: it gave some people a chance to wield undeserved

and extremely annoying power.

Such was the case of Beulah Buttsrock: Hall Monitor.

Beulah was short, plump, had white hair and glasses. This describes 68% of the female

residents at any retirement community. Beulah went into another percentage block when

we count in her state-of-the- art walker, complete with comfortable leather seat she could

use as a chair by simply turning the thing around.

Beulah, stanchly poised behind her walker, was a roamer. She walked the halls of Meadow

Lakes incessantly. She could be seen on the second floor by the mailboxes, carefully

keeping a six-foot distance from everyone and glaring if anyone came an inch closer. If

she went to the front desk, she stood back and glared some more. On the third floor she

had actually been seen slipping around corners to see if she could spot someone taking off

their mask before entering their apartment. It was paradise for Beulah.

“She caught me singing as I came down the hall,” Robbie complained. “She said,

‘Robinson, you can’t sing”

“Well,” Hadley smiled, “gotta admit that’s true.”

Raven reached over and gave Robbie’s knee a teasing pat.

They were gathered, coffee cups in hand, in Alphonso Greatwood’s massive office at