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Finally! The Boob Girls-The Burned Out Old Broads at Table 12 is available in audio. A 5 disc set read by Sue Mouttet, Omaha actress and star of the The BOOB Girls Musical.


"There's a naked man in the laundry room at Meadow Lakes Retirement Community. He's wearing only a brown vest, a Stetson hat and cowboy boots. But that's about the extent of excitement in the big complex and that's why four diverse widows take off in secret for parts unknown, leaving no forwarding address."
Between adopting the boys at the Ragged Ass Saloon, finding a dead body in the woods and capturing the killer, closing down a sleazy porn shop and meeting two handsome sheriffs, the Burned Out Old Broads who dine together at Meadow Lakes Table 12 find adventure, romance, mystery and prove there is life after grief.

Audio–The Boob Girls Book I

$34.00 Regular Price
$25.50Sale Price
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