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Mary Rose McGill is Kidnapped!

Let us age with: Grace Humor Courage and Confidence.

Pass this on to other seasoned women who will enjoy it.


Mary Rose McGill has disappeared. Marge Aaron, retired homicide detective has called in Abner, another retired detective, and his K-9, Dagmar the Great Dane. Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield, Robinson Leary, Marge Aaron, Alphonso Greatwood, Raven Five Horns, and Wiley Vondra are all ready to follow Abner and Dagmar to the parking garage.


Robbie had found the app that tracked Mary Rose. They were two minutes from her. “It must not be working,” Robbie said with a desperate tone. She looked at Wiley, who sadly shook his head. Just then Dagmar the Great Dane began to pull on her leash.


They followed.


She led them to a large, fenced-in storage area in a far corner of the garage. Through the high fence they could see mowers, snowblowers, rakes, empty garbage cans, even a golf cart. The door leading through the fence sported a huge padlock.


“Damn,” Marge said. “I left my lock-picking tools in my apartment.”


“You have lock-picking tools?” Hadley asked.


“A girl’s most-needed accessory,” Marge replied.


Dagmar was sitting in front of the gate’s door, pawing at it and whining.


Alphonso pulled out his phone. “Call Scotty,” he said into it.


In less than a minute, a sixty three-year-old man appeared. He had on a Husker baseball cap, jeans, boots, and a T-shirt with Maintenance in big letters on the back.


Alphonso pointed to the over-sized padlock. Scotty pulled a large key ring off his belt, selected a key and with one easy motion, unlocked the gate into the fenced area.


They followed Alphonso and Scotty inside.


“Is there a door in the back somewhere?” Alphonso asked Scotty.


“Clear in the back, behind that floor-to-ceiling shelving,” Scotty replied. He hurried to the far wall and looked behind the shelving. The shelves were packed with everything needed to maintain a large apartment complex.


“There’s room to squeeze through if you want to get through that door,” Scotty said.


“We want to get through that door,” Alphonso answered. Raven moved beside Scotty, ready to scoot behind the shelves.


Dagmar was pulling Abner closer to the door. Geoffrey gave up, cast a longing look at the Great Dane, plopped down on the concrete floor and farted.


I don’t have a key to that!” Scotty said, shaking his head and looking through the keys on the key ring. “I did, but it isn’t here now.”

“I have a foot and a shoulder,” Raven said, ready to do a linebacker rush at the solid oak. He moved in front of the door and gave it a powerful kick.


Nothing happened. The door stood strong.


Raven moved back, ready to use his shoulder for all it was worth.


That’s when Wiley’s phone rang again.

A Note From Joy

I want to be with those women!”

Everything Changes: Everything Ages (Buddhist Wisdom)

It is what it is; it becomes what you make of it.


A is for Aging

A Burned-Out Old Broad’s, Perspective on Growing

My father died when he was 63

I was 22

He was ancient

Now my son is 63

He’s just a kid


Annoy , Annoy, Annoy


“So help me, God, I can’t find my purse!”

At my age I think a lot about the hereafter. I go into room after room and say, “What am I here after?”


It’s even annoying sometimes just being old.


In our retirement community we have a young sweet, wonderful Life Enrichment Coordinator. She brings in programs, arranges shopping trips, plans great things. The other day she and I needed to meet. She said, “I’ll be in my office----is that too far for you?”


Her office is in the other wing of our complex. Exactly 832 steps from my apartment door. (I have an Apple watch). That is when I think my favorite thought about people who annoy me; “Bless her heart!”

A few years ago a reporter called me for an interview. At the end, she said, “Do you have email?”

I said, “Yes. And you can follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook and visit my website,” I felt so proud and arrogant. Bless her heart.

Shall we talk about all the times we’ve tried to think of a word that is, as they used to say, right on the tip of our tongues?

It’s annoying to look in the mirror and see not only all the wrinkles but also a lady who looks a lot like my grandmother. I believe the lady who said, “They don’t make mirrors like the used to!”

I refuse to do a paragraph on getting down on the floor without a plan to get up. I refuse to talk about how they have lengthened stairways. I refuse to talk about how some people speak slower and louder around me, even though I NEED them to speak slower and louder.

Annoy means to irritate or make angry. Ticked off. Tired of. Disgusted with.

We could all make a list in our heads – if we remember to – as we go to sleep about all the things this day that have annoyed us. However - - how about if we Adapt and Accept.  I just gave a friend whose husband fell and is in rehab a sign. It’s my sign of my life. It says: It is what it is. It becomes what you make of it.”

It is what it is. It becomes what you make of it.

Instead of a list of annoying things of the day, how about a list of all the things that day for which you are grateful. Simple things such as a hot shower, the smell of the soap in that shower, and speaking of smells; how I love the smell of the “Death by Chocolate” coffee I put in my Keurig every morning, or the comforting sounds of Ted’s morning sports shows on television. Before I started writing this, I walked down the hall and ran into my friend, Joan. Things and people for which to be thankful.

We have so much for which to be thankful, even during annoying hard times. Don’t let the negative overshadow the positive, no matter what is happening.

It is what it is. It becomes what you make of it.  Live it with-


Grace, Humor, Courage and Confidence








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