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Mary Rose McGill Recovers!

Let us age with: Grace Humor Courage and Confidence

Pass this on to other seasoned women who will enjoy it.


It was the next day. Hadley, Robbie, Marge, Alphonso, Raven and Wiley were gathered in Alphonso’s elaborate and spacious office. Seated exactly in the idle of then, was a still tired-looking Mary Rose McGill, a glass of white wine shaking a tiny bit as she held it with both hands.


“I’ve been kidnapped twice!” Mary Rose said, her voice more angry than whiny. When the girls had been helping out in an ancient mansion in Salem’s Crossing, Nebraska, Finegan Farquar had kidnapped Mary Rose, along with nine Puritans and held them captive in an abandoned country church. (Book VII).


There was a long moment of silence, then Robbie spoke. “How did you do it, Mary Rose? They gave you up and you had clearly beaten Muggsy and his friend.


“It was my Bible,” Mary Rose said.


The girls looked at each other and Mary Rose continued. “I had my Bible in its nice little wooden case when I left the apartment. They were waiting at my door, grabbed me and took me to that room off the garage.” She looked at Alphonso. “That’s a nice little room, Alphonso. It had a bathroom and tiny kitchen. It would be a good break room for the maintenance crew.”


A slight smile came over Alphonso’s face and he nodded. Mary Rose took a deep breath. “Well,” she said, “I was just sitting at that little table in the room with those three young hoodlums…”


“Three?” Marge said. “Only two came out with you.”

Mary Rose nodded. “The oldest one started swearing and saying bad things about black people,” she looked at Alphonso. “Mexicans and Indians.” She looked at Raven. “They said all of you, along with the Chinks,” she looked at Wiley. “That means Chinese or Asia, right?”


Wiley nodded and Mary Rose went on. “He said they should all be put in concentration camps and sent to the swamps and thrown in for gator bait.” She sighed and shook her head. “Then they all laughed and used the N word and started boasting about what they wanted to do to Alphonso and Raven, and I had had enough!” Her voice got stronger. “I stood up. Went over to the old one with my Bible in that nice wooden case and took a Joe DiMaggio swing at him.”


They all looked at her intently.


“As I swung the Bible, he turned his head and I got him square in the nose and broke it. Smashed it, actually.”  Mary Rose straightened up and had a slight grin.


“A Bible Bop,” Robbie smiled.


“A Bible thumper,” Hadley grinned.


“With Biblical blood,” Marge added.


“Oh yes,” Mary Rose said. “He ran out of the room crying and never came back. Then I realized the other two weren’t moving so I said I needed pizza from Sgt Peffers and fresh Depends or they’d be bopped, too, and their mothers would be ashamed of them for talking like they did.”


Mary Rose set her wine down and put her hands on her hips. “When I said I wanted pizza and Depends, one of then stood up and started toward me so I surprised him and did my deadly groin kick.”


“Dislocating his knee,” Marge finished. They applauded. Mary Rose smiled and perked up a bit.


“And I didn’t let up. I made them upgrade my Poop app and started reading the Bible to them.


“What did you read?” Robbie asked.


“Song of Songs,” Mary Rose grinned. “They didn’t know the Bible had so much sex and they listened really well. Later on, the kid came back with the wrong size Depends. Then I let them have The Look.”


“The Mother’s Look,” Hadley said.


“Yes, and I scolded them, and the pizza was cold and I was just tired so I said things I shouldn’t have said.” She looked proud, not ashamed. “That’s when the Muggsy one said they’d had enough of ME. Me for goodness sake, and called Wiley.


She sighed, sat back in her chair and closed her eyes.


“Mary Rose McGill,” Marge said, putting her hand over Mary Rose’s, “You are like a month-old macaroon.”


Mary Rose looked at her.


“You are one tough cookie.” And at that Mary Rose reached up and hugged Marge Aaron, retired homicide detective.


Joy’s note: Remember: we are all the BOOB GIRLS. We all have Maggie Patton’s toughness, Robinson Leary’s intelligence, Hadley’s grace and poise, Mary Rose’s innocence and Marge Aaron’s street smarts.


And like Mary Rose – no matter what- we are all, ONE TOUGH COOKIE! 

I want to be with those women!”

Everything Changes: Everything Ages (Buddhist Wisdom)

It is what it is; it becomes what you make of it.


A is for Aging

A Burned-Out Old Broad’s, Perspective on Growing

My father died when he was 63

I was 22

He was ancient

Now my son is 63

He’s just a kid


Alliances and Antiques

I love the saying, “My favorite antiques are my old friends.” An alliance, often more valuable and understanding than our families. So this is just a plain, straight-out suggestion.

This Mother’s Day, recognize the important alliance in your life. Invite 11 friends in and give each one a BOOB GIRL book. There are twelve in the set, plus and audio tape of book I.  Then you can exchange them and have an on-going BOOB GIRL group. This has worked so well that some groups have kept on as book clubs. Some have been in contact long distance, and some have renewed friendships that have slowly slipped away.


The price for all twelve books and audio tape is $120.


Go to to order or call Centering Corporation at 866-218-0101 or call me directly at 402-639-2939. All books will be inscribed and autographed and sent in a sweet pink BOOB GIRL bag along with a good dose of good wishes and love from all four girls. And let us all live with -


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