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What We Have and What We Don't Have

It is time to upgrade our greeting from Happy New Year to Happy New Decade. If there are as many changes in these next ten years as in the last, we’re in for a ride.

My New Decade Resolution – and this is a lot stronger than just a common, ordinary New Years Resolution – is GRATITUDE.

I am grateful for many things for which you are grateful, too.

I’m grateful for the things I have; and or the things I don’t have.

1. I have reasonably good health for a Burned Out Old Broad.

2. I DON’T have what, in BOOB Girls XII Hadley describes as “Monsters that come up behind you and bite you in the ass;” like dementia and Parkinson’s and Lou Gerhig’s disease.

3. I’m grateful for the family and friends I have because they’re all good people.

4. I DON’T have a family like in the movie we just saw: Knives Out.

    a. Remember the original Halloween in 1978 when Jamie Lee Curtis went into room after dark room and HE was in there and some of the kids in the theater yelled out, “Turn the lights on, Jamie Lee!” She’s still in dark rooms in Knives Out.

5. I still have passion. I still love to write and now that I have Ted’s monster desk with a window beside me that lover looks out city, I love it even more.

6. I DON’T have an overpowering desire to just sit back and let people take care of me, although sometimes that is nothing but a good time and afternoon naps, snuggling on the couch next to Tall, Dark and Handsome is hard to beat.

I’m also aware that with this decade there is going to be more letting go – letting go of some of the things I can do, letting go of seeing into the future because I won’t be here forever, and the saddest of all, letting go of people about whom I care and whom I love. In this last year, Ted and I have experienced the deaths of eight friends and family members. At this time, a good friend is in assisted living because of a brutal stroke. Two of our friends have just finished the last round of chemo. A cousin, who made the best brunches in the world, just went onto hospice.

And we will let go of more, and someday we’ll let go of ourselves. And we’ll make it through it all, even our own deaths. A friend in our Sunday School class sent me a card that is one of the most cherished ones I’ve ever received. When I had my hip replacement and a “tasteless card” contest and Marj came through with one that has gone on from my mailbox to many, many others.

It’s a beautiful little card with flowers and ribbons and a lovely border on the front.

Also on the front, inside the tasteful border are the words:

You are one tough


If I (and Marj) offend anyone with that, just change the last word to one with which you are comfortable. - - then put it on the front of your refrigerator. That’s where mine is.

We are excited!

Book 1, The Boob Girls; The Burned Out Old Broads at Table 12 will soon be available as an audiobook. Read by Sue Mouttet, the photo above, who played Maggie Patton in The Boob Girls, the musical. It will be delightful! and--you will hear it read by the real MAGGIE PATTON! Follow me on Facebook for updates!

If you want Joy to speak for your group or organization contact:

Cell: 402-639-2939


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