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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has several ends Not only kids, but also friends. Over all these many years The mothers and I have shared our tears. So, to my friends, I lovingly say I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day This is a hard time. So during this time of isolation and being safe,

we offer you a chance to send a real hug to a friend this Mother’s Day.

The BOOB Girls series is all about women’s friendship, and there is no more unique gift than an inscribed and signed book, just for her.

May Special

Any one BOOB Girls Book =$12 Full set of eleven = $125

Gifting: if you want it mailed to your friend (s) be sure to write me a note telling me her name and address. There is no shipping charge.

If you send more than one gift, order on the website, either send me a note from there or email so I’ll know which book goes to whom: Credit cards on the website. Or any orders by phone, and you’ll speak to Joy 402-639-2939 To pay by check, send to Joy Johnson Brown 8141 Farnam Dr #322 Omaha NE 68114 Coming up: These blogs will be the place where the girls deal with the Covid-19 virus as Meadow Lakes Retirement Center goes into lock down. They will laugh and cry with you and see what it’s like to sit six feet apart at table 12, where the most common word spoken is, “What?” As they used to say on old time radio: Stay Tuned. For another really special gift: BOOK I, read by Sue Mouttet, the real Maggie Patten.

Be hopeful and save the date: Sunday, November 22, 1-4pm Launch Party for BOOB Girls XII: The Last BOOB Girl Book New Cassel Retirement Center 900 North 90th St, Omaha, Nebraska

We want you there! Forward this to all your friends.

Let’s surround our sadness with BOOB Girls.

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