Hello, The Last BOOB Girl Book!

Here are the first paragraphs of the last BOOB Girl book:

“He’s dead!”

The three women sitting at table 12 in the Meadow Lakes Retirement Community dining room watched as Mary Rose McGill hurried toward them as fast as she could, dodging between tables, behind chairs, almost pushing seated diners out of the way – hurrying to get to their table.

She stopped, stood beside the empty chair where she usually sat, put her shaking hands on the table and said it again.

“He’s dead!”

The three friends looked at her in shocked surprise. Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield put her hand over her mouth, Robinson Leary put her hand on her chest and Marge Aaron reached out and put her hand on Mary Rose McGill’s wrist.

“What happened, Mary Rose?” Marge asked, her voice steady and strong.

“I was watching television and had to go pee,” (this was not unusual for Mary Rose) “and when I came out of the bathroom, in just a minute I realized he was dead.”

They looked at her.

The four girls, Marge Aaron, Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield, Mary Rose McGill and Dr. Robinson Leary are walking toward the water-soaked corpse (or ghost if you prefer) of Maggie Patten. In the background is Marge, Ted and Joy’s Meadow Lakes – the Arboretum Village.

We got this shot just minutes before a severe storm hit. Symbolic of life? The handsome photographer is my husband, Ted Brown who delighted in being asked to take a picture of ladies’ rears.

The book will be out in Octobers and now it’s time to PRE-ORDER.

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