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Even More Fun From The Last BOOB Girl Book!

Here is another teaser from book XII:

The girls are talking intensely to Mary Rose after she has rushed into the dining room with the terrifying words, “He’s Dead!” As they are questioning a weeping Mary Rose, they do not notice a tiny person outside the dining room, his ear against the door, listening to them. He was dressed entirely in green and gold.

The small person in the green hat leaned closer against the window. He smoothed the green jacket that matched the green top hat and green pants that came to a tight end mid-calf. He wore light yellow hose. His boots were shining black and reflected the large gold buckles.

From a vest beneath his jacket you could see a gold chain with a holder for a large pipe and a bag of tobacco. He leaned closer still and chuckled a soft laugh.

“I really loved him,” Mary Rose hiccuped. “I watched him every day.”

“OK,” Marge put on her best detective face. “What killed him?”

“A poisoned scalpel in the operating room. He was pushed by a vicious, homicidal nurse, cut his hand, fell to the floor and died instantly.”

“On his back, legs in the air,” Hadley added.

“No,” Mary Rose said seriously. “Flat on his face.” She looked at them and grinned a slight grin.

“Okay, so it is crazy, but I really, really liked him and this was a big surprise.”

“I’ll say it again,” Robbie said. “Sweet Jesus.”

The tiny person in green slipped silently around the corner outside the dining room, his black boots crunching in the fallen leaves blown up against the wall.

The mystery – who is the tiny person?

And we still don’t know exactly

who it was who was murdered.

The book will be out in October and now it’s time to PRE-ORDER.

Just send a check for $16 to

Joy Brown

8141 Franam Dr #322

Omaha NE 68114

For credit cards call Joy at 402-639-2939

Or shop online!

We will send you your book as soon as it’s off the press.

We do have a launch party planned on November 22, but with the pandemic, we doubt that we’ll be able to welcome our 100+ ladies to join us. I miss that!!

Order now! It’s the last book.

Note from Joy: We are grateful not only for the orders coming in for The Last BOOB Girl Book but especially for the great notes you have written to accompany your checks sent to us or the orders you have made through the website. We have even gotten to talk to some of you who have called in your credit card numbers.

We are meeting friends in some of Omaha’s beautiful parks, bringing out own sandwiches and drinks, sitting in lawn chairs a few feet apart. Life is something else when I get excited about going to the grocery store!

Our daughter, Jenny, brings us sacks of groceries every two weeks from Trader Joe’s and I love having a few minutes with my grocery delivery person.

Keep in touch!

What should the BOOB Girls be up to now during the pandemic? For the next few blogs we’ll highlight book XII, but we may need to go to Meadow Lakes and support Alphonso Greatwood as he faces a dismal Autumn without football!!! See below!



Have some ideas?

What should the girls be doing during this difficult time?

Send ideas and adventures to

As they used to say on old time radio: Stay Tuned.

This looks like a long summer.

Time to read and give gifts.

Buy any set of eleven books and get a

Free Book Twelve: The Last BOOB Girl Book

Your set will be mailed immediately. Book twelve in September or October.

Give the books as gifts or put them in your library.

If we are able to have the launch party November 22

you can pick up your free book there.

Full set of eleven = $125

For telephone credit card orders call phone number below.

For an invoice for libraries email:

Credit cards on the website.

Or any orders by phone, and you’ll speak to Joy


Shop online!

To pay by check, send to

Joy Johnson Brown

8141 Farnam Dr #322

Omaha NE 68114

For another really special gift: BOOK I, read by Sue Mouttet, the real Maggie Patten.

Be hopeful and save the date:

Sunday, November 22, 1-4pm

Launch Party for BOOB Girls XI: The Last BOOB Girl Book

New Cassel Retirement Center

900 North 90th St, Omaha, Nebraska

We want you there!

Forward this to all your friends. Let’s surround our summer with BOOB Girls.

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