Even More Fun From The Last BOOB Girl Book!

Here is another teaser from book XII:

The girls are talking intensely to Mary Rose after she has rushed into the dining room with the terrifying words, “He’s Dead!” As they are questioning a weeping Mary Rose, they do not notice a tiny person outside the dining room, his ear against the door, listening to them. He was dressed entirely in green and gold.

The small person in the green hat leaned closer against the window. He smoothed the green jacket that matched the green top hat and green pants that came to a tight end mid-calf. He wore light yellow hose. His boots were shining black and reflected the large gold buckles.

From a vest beneath his jacket you could see a gold chain with a holder for a large pipe and a bag of tobacco. He leaned closer still and chuckled a soft laugh.

“I really loved him,” Mary Rose hiccuped. “I watched him every day.”

“OK,” Marge put on her best detective face. “What killed him?”

“A poisoned scalpel in the operating room. He was pushed by a vicious, homicidal nurse, cut his hand, fell to the floor and died instantly.”

“On his back, legs in the air,” Hadley added.

“No,” Mary Rose said seriously. “Flat on his face.” She looked at them and grinned a slight grin.

“Okay, so it is crazy, but I really, really liked him and this was a big surprise.”

“I’ll say it again,” Robbie said. “Sweet Jesus.”

The tiny person in green slipped silently around the corner outside the dining room, his black boots crunching in the fallen leaves blown up against the wall.

The mystery – who is the tiny person?

And we still don’t know exactly

who it was who was murdered.

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