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A Book Club for Old Broads


They had decided to become a four-woman book club. All they had to do was pick a name and a first book to read.

I like, One More Chapter,” Hadley said, taking a sip of her coffee. “That’s what I always say to myself – just one more chapter. She placed her Kindle gently on the table next to her coffee mug.

They were seated around table 12 in the spacious, and at this hour quiet, dining room of Meadow Lakes Retirement Community. Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield, Marge Aaron, Robinson Leary, and Mary Rose McGill all had steaming mugs of coffee, and each had a book resting beside her mug.

“If we meet at three or four in the afternoon,” Robbie said, “it could be Reading Between the Wines.” They laughed.

“Along those lines,” Marge said with a grin, “Wine Drinkers with a Serious Reading Problem.”

How about Book Besties,” Mary Rose asked, an innocent smile lighting up her face.

“Since we all love mysteries,” Hadley added, “how about As the Book Worms?”

“Reminds me of a soap opera,” Mary Rose noted.

Textual Tension” Robbie laughed.

“Between the Covers!” Hadley shouted.

They toasted her with their mugs. Mary Rose poured more coffee. Geoffrey the Mastiff wandered into the dining room, sniffing the floor for any hopeful crumbs. Finding none, he limped over to table 12, sat beside Mary Rose and did his best to look pitiful. He was so tall sitting down he could see the donuts on the table. Mary Rose reached in, broke off half a donut and gave it to him.

“How about Books for BOOBs?” Mary Rose suggested.

Books for Burned Out Old Broads,” Robbie said. “It’s simple, true and it works for me. Everybody agree?”

They nodded.

“So, what book to start with as we start this tremendous, creative, superb book club? Hadley asked.

They looked at each other.

Maybe we should call ourselves, Title Fight.” Robbie said. She thought for a second. “Let’s go local,” she suggested. “The Gun Found at Marks.”

“To the weaponry of books!” Marge said, raising her mug. They joined her and Robbie tossed the other half of the donut to Geoffrey.

Joy's Stories

Every time I hear it, I feel good.

I want to be with those women!”

It means a lot, and I’ve heard it a lot. Mostly, I love it because the first time anyone said she wanted to be with the BOOB Girls, it was my cousin Arlene. Leenie was 100% BOOB Girl.

And so are you.

One of our readers told us about having a BOOB Girls book club and we’re giving everyone a special chance to do just that.

All it takes is two or three friends, coffee, tea or wine and a table with a Table 12 table tent. (We will provide the table tent making your table an official table 12).

Autumn is coming and it’s time to settle in for some reading that will make you laugh out loud.

Take advantage of the BOOB Girls BOOK CLUB offer below.

Order here the website or call Centering at 1-866-218-0101.

I will inscribe and sign them and after your book club reads the book, give me a call and I will join you via phone. What a neat way to end the summer or start the autumn!

All orders will include a simple table tent saying you are all at Table 12.


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