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“You look pensive,” Hadley said, smiling softly at Robbie, who sat across from her at table 12 in the Meadow Lakes empty dining room.

“It’s our ‘80’s Party time," Robbie said.

Every year Robbie’s high school class had a party in their small hometown outside of Omaha.

“80’s Party?” Marge asked.

Robbie nodded. “All of us from my class are in our 80’s, so if you’re alive you’re invited for a weekend of memories, simple meals and laughter.”

“Sounds great!” Marge said.

“What I was thinking about,” Robbie said, “was our kitchen sink story.”

It was quiet for several seconds while Robbie looked out the big windows and seemed to be gathering her thoughts.

She took s deep breath and began the story:

“The prettiest girl in our high school class was a big-boned blonde Swede named Katerina Carlson. Kat.

She went off to the University after graduation, lived the dream, married a med student, then, after just a couple of years, Kat came home – divorced.