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Nursery Rhymes can make testy crimes. Here we learn about Jack Spratt, Jack and a Candlestick, a little girl with a little curl, and more characters who flew in with Mother Goose. Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield, Marge Aaron, Robinson Leary and Mary Rose McGill are caught up in Baby Doll Pajamas when Wee Willie Winkie designs a line of nightwear for seasoned women called "Winkies." A murderer, Dr. Fell, is on the loose. Alphonso Greatwood calls in a former fellow linebacker, Raven, to provide security to Meadow Lakes Retirement Community, but during an extravagant fashion show of Winkies, everything goes wrong. Once again - if you don't laugh out loud, you get your money back.

Burned Out Old Broads VIII: Learning to Love Willie

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