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Four Great Religious Truths

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Four Great Religious Truths

A Note from Joy

New Offers in The BOOB Girl Series

Sun shone in through the over-sized windows in Alphonso Greatwood’s office at Meadow Lakes Retirement Community. Mary Rose McGill laid a tray full of cinnamon rolls on his over-sized desk.

The rolls themselves were-sized and dripped frosting onto the tray. They were still warm. Geoffrey, the over-sized mastiff lay was doing an Olympic sit in front of the desk, staring hopefully at the rolls. Crumbs were bound to fall somewhere.

Robinson Leary was in charge of pouring delicious hot coffee into the mugs held by Hadley, Marge, Wiley, Alphonso and Raven. In just minutes everyone gathered there had a monster roll and steaming coffee.

Perfect for a cold day.

“This was Evangeline Goldberg’s recipe,” Mary Rose told them.

“I remember her,” Wiley said. “She was one large lady. We could hear her before we saw her.”

“She always wore an apron with the day of the week on it,” Hadley added.

“And it was always the wrong day,” Mary Rose giggled.

“She put her hair up in pin curls with bobby pins,” Robbie said, “and then she pulled the curls out straight.”

“Always had an electric appearance,” Hadley nodded.

“Most importantly,” Robbie said, seriously. “She taught us the four great religious truths.”

She paused for affect.

They looked at her.

Robbie raised one finger and began counting off religious truths.

“Palestinians don’t recognize Jewish rights to the Holy Land.

Jews don’t recognize Jesus as their messiah.

Protestants don’t recognize the Pope as their religious leader.

And Baptists don’t recognize each other at Hooters.”

They laughed.

Marge lifted her cup and toasted Evangeline Goldberg, Hadley did an eye roll, Mary Rose giggled again, and all three men thought about Hooters.


A Note From Joy

In book II, Lies, Spies and Cinnamon Rolls, we meet Evangeline Goldberg and her nephews, the BOOB Boys – the Burned Out Old Bastards. Robert, Rueben, Leonard and Clyde are great characters.

Robert is a retired minister who carries a small bible in the breast pocket of his suit. The Bible ends up saving his life when Clyde accidently shoots him while they are robbing a grave.

Rueben is a huge man with years in heavy construction and drives a chartreuse minivan littered with fast food sacks and papers.

Leonard wears all white and has a funnel-shaped aluminum hat on his head. He does not talk. He is busy avoiding aliens. So far, he has been successful. He has never been abducted.

Clyde is a midget who loves Doxies and who has a starring role in The Last BOOB Girl Book.

Book II is also the home of Patty Whack who turns out to be Calamity Doodles, an undercover spy.

I love my characters! They come alive for me and thanks to all your cards and letters and hugs when we meet, I know they come alive for you as well. And remember – every time I speak to a group or do a books\ signing, I wear my favorite T-shirt.

Careful or you’ll end up in my novel!

An idea for a very special gift.

We will send a BOOB Girl book from you to a friend who needs a laugh. Do this now, from this blog. It will be a perfect gift.

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