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Broomsticks, Rats and Snakes

She started to turn toward the door, red cane over her arm, when Alphonso grabbed her hand. She turned and looked at him, and then he did something totally unexpected. He turned his chair toward her and patted his lap.

“Sit down, lady,” he said softly.

Marge looked at him, then at his lap, then, with a delicate move for a large lady, she gently sat on the big man’s lap.

He turned her face toward him to kiss her on the lips.

First, they heard the tall, adjustable base of the over-priced chair crack loudly.

Then they heard the four wheels splay flat out, then they heard their own laughter as they fell on top of each other onto the floor.

A loud crash echoed through the big office as four hundred pounds of human beings and the big chair hit the floor.

Alphonso laughed a deep, hearty laugh and then turned toward Marge whose sweat shirt had pulled up, showing her bra, and whose face was slowly turning red.

Alphonso looked at that face, smiled, turned toward her and gave her a sweet, gentle kiss on the lips.

Marge kissed him back.

Way to go.

Remember what the girls say in every book:  Just look at us. Our faces are sculpted by tears and laughter, joy and sorrow. Our hair is blown thin by winds of experience. And there is so much knowledge and wisdom in our heads, our heads can't hold it all. It has to trickle down through the rest of our bodies and that's why we get thicker as we age. The next time someone says you look nice, say, "Thank you - I feel pretty."

Invite Joy to a lunch, brunch or afternoon or evening coffee or fine wine and entertain a minimum of 12 friends - book club, book store, church group, neighbors, civic group - in your home. Joy will do the BOOB GIRLS humorous - inspirtional talk with a lot of laughs and fun.

There is no fee for these parties.

Books will be available for sale and signing

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