The Gun Found at Marks


The girls are back in Omaha in 1898 when it was known as a "dirty, wicked town". They are in the Trans-Mississippi Exposition and Marge Aaron sees a big man in overalls. She recognizes him as Dastardly Dan Digswell, a criminal she put awy when she was an active homicide detective. But how can Dastardly Dan be here, in 1898? Marge leaves her friends to find out and discovers he is Dispicable Don, Dan's grandfather. He is as mean as a cold rattlesnake and decides to do away with Marge so she can't arrest his grandson. He chases her through the tunnels beneat the massive exposition. It is shadowy and downright pitch black at times. Water from the canal in the middle of the exposition spashes through vents and soaks Marge. Her red cane is useless in 1898. She stumbles, falls and after a long time is exhausted, all the time hearing Dispicable Don's footsteps getting closer and closer.


He will kill her for sure.



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The Boob Girls are the Good Girls!

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