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It s Omaha, 1898, and the huge Trans-Mississippi Exposition has opened, taking up blocks of the city and attracting six million visitors. Also visiting are the BOOB Girls, Wiley Vondra, Alphonso Greatwood and Geoffrey the mastiff. When a gun is found in the roots of a 100-year-old crabapple tree at Marks Bistro, the girls lunch is interrupted when they are whisked back in time to 1898 to solve the mystery of who used the gun on whom, what they did with the body and then planted the evidence. In addition to this being a BOOB Girls adventure, it is also a panoramic picture of Omaha in 1898. At that time, Omaha was known as a dirty, wicked town. Our friends discover how it got that name.

The Boob Girls XI-The Gun Found at Marks

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