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We have to go to Alaska, Marge Aaron, retired homicide detective said. No, we don t, five voices answered her. But they do. The Burned Out Old Broads at table 12: Hadley, Robbie and Mary Rose, along with Wiley Vondra Alphonso Greatwood, and Geoffrey the Mastiff, take the long trek up the Alcan Highway to rescue Marge s cousin, Buckshot Betsy Bushwhacker from a murder charge. Betsy shot her lover, PickAxe Pete, through the door. That s better than shootin him through the balls, she says. But there are hidden Jewels in the mines of the old gold town, a creepy bed and breakfast and someone in Muk-Luks is following them and lurking around more than one corner. Will they even get back to Meadow Lakes Retirement community? Who knows?

The Boob Girls X: Gospel Bird

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