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I Do Not Like Thee Doctor Fell

I do not like thee Doctor Fell

The reason why, I cannot tell

But this I know and know full well

I do not like thee Doctor Fell

It was the beautiful spring day that required sitting on the patio. A large pitcher of iced tea sat in the center of the table. Hadley, Robbie and Marge were leaning forward, listening to Robbie read the latest news on her computer. Alphonso and Raven were at a neighboring table listening to the Kansas City Chief’s radio on Alphonso’s smart phone. Nothing could ruin a day like this. Nothing could even look ugly.

That was when Mary Rose McGill and Wiley Vondra hurried onto the patio.

“Look what I got in the mail today!” Mary Rose shouted.

Wiley made a quick beeline for Alphonso and Raven. He looked ready to burst into laughter.

Mary Rose sat down with the girls and pulled a shoe box from beside her. She placed it delicately on the table and opened it. Inside, Marge could make out something bright pink and fuzzy. They leaned farther forward. Robbie closed her computer.

Mary Rose pulled the pink fuzzies out of the box.

“Just watch,” she said. She slipped out of her sandals and slid her feet into huge, fuzzy slippers. Hadley could see they were shaped like bunnies.

“Bunny slippers?” Hadley said, a smile crossing her face.

“Just watch,” Mary Rose said, her eyes twinkling. She didn’t see Wiley motion with his head for Raven and Alphonso to watch.

Mary Rose put her feet firmly on the patio floor. The ears spread out at least a foot on each side.

“You’re going to trip on those!” Robbie said, her eyebrows having a conversation with her hairline.

“Just watch,” Mary Rose said once more.

She grabbed the ends of the ears of the slipper on her left foot, wrapped them around her ankle and tied them in the front. She did the same with the other slipper on the other foot.

A grin crinkled Raven’s mouth. Alphonso’s eyebrows went up to match Robbie’s. Wiley shook his head and grinned.

The girls seated at the table stared at Mary Rose McGill’s feet and said nothing.

After a full three minutes, Marge braved speaking up.

“Those are the ugliest slippers I’ve ever seen!” she said.

Mary Rose laughed. “Aren’t they?” She looked at her friends. “They come from an old friend of ours.” She paused, but no one said anything. “Willie Winkie!” she exclaimed looking around.

“That explains everything,” Robbie declared.

“He enclosed a note,” Mary Rose said, taking a card from her pocket. She read it aloud. “Mary Rose, I created these and thought of you.” She looked around again. All three girls nodded. “I am in California, doing my designer thing and doing quite well. The evil Doctor Fell is still in prison and as far as I’m concerned, he can stay there forever. I am forever grateful to you and the BOOB Girls for being my angels when we were together and Fell was trying to kill me and take over the Winkie business. I hope the dining room was redone to your liking. I am still sorry it burned during our fashion show. Bunny hug, Willie.”

“Oh, the memories,” Hadley said. They looked at Raven.

“I really don’t want to remember,” he said.

They laughed.

“They’re going to talk about it anyway,” Alphonso said. “I’ll go get us some beers.”

Remember this from BOOB Girls VIII: Learning to Love Willie