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More fun from The Last BOOB Girl Book!

Now – especially for all of you who loved BOOBs I and asked about Maggie Patten’s death… read on, girls!

The setting is The Arboretum, Meadow Lakes huge dining room. Hadley and Robbie are looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows at a Normal Rockwell snowfall. Huge flakes. No wind. It’s gorgeous. And then – from the book -

Hadley and Robbie went to the window to watch for the first guest. Who they saw walking up the sidewalk from the parking lot made them both gasp.

Hadley put her hand to her mouth and Robbie put hers over her heart.

Walking up the sidewalk, wearing tight jeans, a flannel shirt, a jeans jacket and minimum maintenance hair, was Maggie Patten.

“This is not possible,” Robbie said.

“I may faint,” Hadley whispered as Maggie Patten opened the door, strode in and looked around.

The rushed to her.

She smiled.


Note from Joy: I’m anxious to get this book in my hands – typos and all. There are always a few. For this book we’ll blame the pandemic.

I think you’ll like the stories, the new characters and you’ll see how the girls and sweet old Geoffrey have aged along with you and me.

I loved doing this book. I loved having the time to play with it and I have always loved how the girls and guys tell their own stories and I just write them down. I love how real the seven friends and a dog have become to me.

And in this last book I share a lot of myself. In the back are reflections from the girls separate from the story. You don’t have to read them. They’re from my part and my sacred activism. You’ll read about:

Robbie: Strange Fruit Hanging From the Southern Trees talks about an assignment she gave her Creighton U students on lynching spectaculars.

Hadley: in Do Ya Need A Little Help? talks to a tiny figure of death about dying as we reach our age.

Marge: the homicide detective does her bit on social justice and justice reform.

And Mary Rose has a special conversation about school and school shootings.

You don’t have to read that part. The book ends before that section.

But I’ll be interested in your thoughts if you do read it. It’s written in BOOB Girlisms and lets us look at the girls as I really see them and who they are.

After the deaths of John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I’m glad I wrote it because it’s a look into my soul as well, and I hope it lets you take a loving look into yours.


SPECIAL OFFER! A full set of all 12 books, inscribed and autographed PLUS the audio book of BOOK I. (Read by the real Maggie Patten) FOR $155.00. (25% discount)

This special was suggested by one of our BOOB Girl readers who said she was buying the set as Christmas gifts, giving the books to 12 friends with the promise they would read their book then pass it on to one of the others. In the back each would write a note about what they thought and felt after reading the story.

What a special way to keep in touch!


What should the BOOB Girls be up to now during the pandemic? For the next few blogs we’ll highlight book XII, but we may need to go to Meadow Lakes and support Alphonso Greatwood as he faces a dismal Autumn without football!!! See below!


Have some ideas?

What should the girls be doing during this difficult time?

Send ideas and adventures to

As they used to say on old time radio: Stay Tuned.


How to Order

Send a check for $16 to

Joy Brown

8141 Farnam Dr #322

Omaha NE 68114

Online: SHOP

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