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Coming Soon BOOB Girls XI!


 Or as Robinson Leary would say,

"Sweet Jesus!"

We had a great two years on the road in a motor home named Oscar. 

Can't do better than that.

BOOB Girls XI: The Gun Found at Marks

Title of the next book and I'm starting to research that now. The girls will go back to Omaha of 1890 to find out who buried a gun when they planted a tree.

And I need help from you.

Send an idea and you'll get a free book.

1. What is the answer to the question on the last page of BOOBs X, Gospel Bird?

2. What crazy adventure do the girls hae in Omaha of 1890?

3. And most importantly - if you sent in answers to these questions earlier, email me again because I lost some emails in the move.

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