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The Abolitionist Quilt

What is going on in BOOB Girls XI...

The Abolitionist Quilt

The girls are shaken from their time travel to 1898, and they are standing in the yard of the house that would, a centery later, become Marks Bistro. Robbie points to the house, says, "Sweet Jesus!" and runs toward an old quilt hanging on a clothesline.She begins to tell Mary Rose, Hadley and Marge what the squares on the quilt mean.

"This is an abolitionist quilt," she said. "It showed slaves a route to the Underground Railroad."

"This square," Robbie said, pointing to a square that looked like a railroad track."says 'go to the railroad." Her hand reached over to the square next to it. "See this bear paw?"The girls looked at a brown shape that was obviously a bear paw."That says go northeast, the way the paw is pointing. Somewhere in the northeast is a railroad track and a path through a woods." 

Robbie stepped back and looked sad. "A path through the woods makes it harder for the slave hunters to follow." She paused. "And the dogs, too." She said it so softly they could barely hear her."A path through the woods is safest," she whispered. She seemed to be lost in the sadness of her history.

Robbie tells them a lot more about this quilt and you will enjoy reading. Some say the Abolitionist Quilt were a myth. But not to our girls. 


Book XI will be done by early summer and you will be invited to a delightful launch at our home retirement community,

The Arboretum

For now, we will reveal happenings in this latest adventure of the girls, Wiley Vondra, Alphonso Greatwood and of course,

Geoffrey the Mastiff.


Come Get A Hug From Joy - Upcoming Talks

April 6th - Saturday - United Methodist Women and PEO chapter, Beatrice, NE. 11:30 lunch at Classic Restaurant, Beatric Country Club

April 9th - Tuesday, Lakeside Retirement Community, 2:00 pm, 17475 Francis, Omaha

April 18th - Thursday, Trinity Village Retirement Community, 2:00 pm,

522 West Lincoln, Papillion

April 24th - The Landing 1:00 pm, Clark Leary Retirement Communities, 4:00 pm Lincoln NE

April 25th - New Cassel Retirement, 1:30 pm,

900 North 90th St, Omaha NE

The first two weeks in May will be spent in Philadelphia celebrating Ted's 80th birthday with his family.There are several open dates in June, July, August and the rest of the year if you are interested in hosting

Joy and The BOOB Girls.

Contact Joy below. 


Bring some Joy to your group!

Contact Joy: 402-639-2939

And if you are in the Omaha area

Lunch, Brunch or a big glass of Iced Tea

Invite Joy to a lunch, brunch or afternoon or evening coffee or fine wine and entertain a minimum of 12 friends - book club, book store, church group, neighbors, civic group - in your home. Joy will do the BOOB GIRLS humorous - inspirtional talk with a lot of laughs and fun.

There is no fee for these local parties.

Books will be available for sale and signing.

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